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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Better way to spend the day

Americana Manhasset

I would soooo much rather spend the day here, in this beautiful setting for a Chanel opening in Paris, than in my kitchen cleaning out cabinets and drawers, and sorting through the thousands of catalogues that seem to multiply by the hour!!!!!!

All day today I kept thinking to myself that there are so many people that must view my profile on facebook and on my blog and because I don't have a business title, and don't 'earn a salary" assume I don't "work".

For those of you who think the women and men of today are more enlightened, think again. For many, including my children, I am ALWAYS supposed to be available to chat, or BBM, or TEXT. To them, I am always on vacation, can always run errands, and don't add anything to the household.
While it is true that I am lucky enough to have household help for the major cleaning, REAL clean, only happens when you do it yourself. NO ONE, can toss your garbage but you. NO ONE can organize your stuff (or should) but you. I'm STILL trying to come to terms with the whirlwind that I called my daughter during Thanksgiving break. Her room was sort of picked up, spun around, and dropped.

Boy would I rather be sitting at the Chanel show.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

Ok, so, sometimes, my SMITH COLLEGE education comes back to haunt me and I have to lecture a little bit. I love this video. I love everything about it.
To all those who are opposed to gay marriage,
To all those who are opposed to gay couples raising children,

Who seems like a more productive member of society, him, or half the kids raised in single parent homes where no one is home all day to supervise
or help with homework or keep everyone safe from drugs?
Does he seem like he was raised with good values?
Does he seem 'whimpy'? Effeminate?
Some food for thought, Hmmm?

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am having a POUCHOSCOPY tomorrow. For those of you who do not know what that means, it is the same thing as a colonoscopy, except without the colon. I don't have one. Mine was removed 11 1/2 years ago and replaced with something called a 'J-POUCH'. A j-pouch is built out of one's small intestine being cut, looped up, re-sewn, and pulled down and attached to where the rectum and anus where, so the person maintains normal bodily functions. Basically, foods just skips the step in the digestive process that takes place in the colon (large intestine). The j-pouch eventually learns to do SOME or MOST of the functions of a colon, but never really all. Nevertheless, for some people, like myself, this is (or was at the time), the only known "cure" for Ulcerative Colitis.
But I have problems with mine. I've had a lot of problems with mine. In the beginning I used to get 'Pouch-itis" ALOT. That comes with fever, chills, severe diarrhea, and for me, hospitalization and IV medications.  When that finally stopped I had to deal with adhesions. Adhesions is/are scar tissue that like to grow and wrap itself around the organs like vines. It is especially prevalent in the abdomen. Lucky me, I am REALLY REALLY prone to adhesions, and the thing is, they like to wrap around the delicate little pathways that lead in and out of my pouch and BLOCK everything. My surgeon (who I LOVE), has done 7 of my 8 follow up surgeries to deal with these suckers. Actually, the second surgery was really because he had left 1 centimeter of colon to help with muscle function (yup, the sphincter muscle), but that got soooo infected that it was leaning on a nerve in my lower back and I could barely walk without pain. Kegel exercises would have to do!
Anyway, I seem to be having one of those adhesions building up; or should I say tightening up. Last time this happened the surgeon went in and 'stretched' from the inside out to open the passageway and buy me more time. My surgeon and my gastroenterologist have this nasty habit of 'scoping' me in their offices without anesthetic. People make fun of me because I take car service into the city to my appointment if my husband isn't able to go with me, but I KNOW. I don't have friends go, because the waiting room process can be ENDLESS, only to the find out that I'm going to be scoped. SO, I go with Xanax, or some other such substance with me, because they aren't allowed to dispense when in their offices. 2 weeks ago, I was in a lot of pain, so she saw me first thing in the morning. STUPID ME. My husband was away, and I drove myself---and YUP, I was scoped. So I DIDN"T TAKE ANYTHING. This wasn't the first time, but still not pleasant. Actually, it was quite painful when she saw that the pouch was fine, and the problem was mechanical and she tried to get to it to open it.  After, she prescribed medication to help the digestive process, again to put off any further procedures. Yay.  This would now be 3 more pills a day to go with my already 10-12 pills a day in order to not have headaches, and not have a stomach ache while not having headaches.  I had to get all sorts of clearances to add another pill to the mix, (achem Heath Ledger), I stayed home for a day to see how this would effect my already diminished cognitive capabilities (due to medication).
Well the pills only worked sometimes. So I called to see if she could maybe do the same 'stretching' thing again---BUT WITH ME IN LA LA LAND. I swore to my son that this is NOT general anesthesia---10 times is enough. So YES, tomorrow I will be in LA LA Land. Pretty deep too since it will be more of a procedure than an exploration.  Unlike the rest of you-- I HAVE NO PREP ;)  I guess that's a perk.      I'm hoping tomorrow is successful. I haven't had abdominal surgery since March 23, 2008. My son is a junior in high school and I have no time for recovery. I spent ALL of my 30s in and out of the hospital. I spent the beginning of my 40s doing the same.  NO MORE.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

According to Allison: FOR THE LOVE OF A CHILD

According to Allison: FOR THE LOVE OF A CHILD: Yesterday was a horrible day. I witnessed something that I, who I believe can and have survived almost everything, could not. Yesterday, I...


Yesterday was a horrible day.  I witnessed something that I, who I believe can and have survived almost everything, could not.
Yesterday, I was present for the funeral of a 19 year old girl.  A healthy 19 year old girl; not that it would have been any better I guess had she not been healthy, but I would have been able to rationalize and/or prepare more.  I had watched this child (I believe i am allowed to say child because my daughter is the same age), grow up. I saw her at holidays in temple, singing in the youth choir, doing various presentations with the hebrew school and later in the Hebrew high school, and of course, always in the marching band at school. The particular year in Hebrew school  in which she and my daughter were a part, more than 13 kids had remained a part of the program. It was a part of who they were.  They might not have all been close friends and might not have "hung out" together, but they were definitely a group, and she will definitely be missed in years to come.
So yesterday, I went to the funeral, because, she was ANYONE'S CHILD. And I watched a Grandmother give a eulogy.  I don't think that its natural. I've watched grandchildren numerous times stand up to talk about what they have learned from their grandparents. But this woman stood up and showed the sign language that her granddaughter made her learn.
I watched as sisters stood up and read a gut wrenching poem about their sister, as friends and friend's parents got up to tell sweet and funny anecdotes about their lost friends, and then, I watched something I hope to never have to do.  I watched as a mother and father bravely stood up, to talk about their love for their child, their pride in their child, their sorrow for their loss, but their happiness for: all they were able to share with her, experience with her, provide for her, encourage for her.  Her dad talked about scuba diving with her and hiking and being on vacations together. Her mom talked about her community service trips, and how proud she was to help and watch her grow into an independent REAL and GROUNDED young woman.
When I left I thought, "Wow".  All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around my children and tuck them in their beds and keep them safe.  But I also thought about the trips we've taken, our snorkeling with sea turtles, eating giant ice cream sundaes at Disney, sitting on the floor of hotel rooms in the rain happily playing board games and eating chips, laying in bed all together to watch movies when tired on vacation, hiking in Wyoming, and even just sitting in our backyard together.  We've created memories together. We've put in time and energy as parents and as a family.
The young woman's parents said that she was taken too soon, but she was taken happy, doing what she wanted, where she wanted.  Our job as parents is and should be to enjoy our children, to help our children, to encourage our children, and to root for our children.  They only get one childhood.  It goes fast.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

According to Allison: freedom of speech/freedom of the press

According to Allison: freedom of speech/freedom of the press: Today was really confusing. I woke up in a really relaxed, good mood. And I wasn't in any pain. For ME that's a big deal. I mean, it's bee...

freedom of speech/freedom of the press

Today was really confusing.  I woke up in a really relaxed, good mood. And I wasn't in any pain.  For ME that's a big deal. I mean, it's been raining. It's been snowing. I had half a glass of wine yesterday (in addition to my regular dosages of pain meds, adavan, anti seizures, digestion meds and heart meds). That was a a risk.  But I did NOT have a headache this morning. I had had a really fun day in the city with my hubby after an equally fun night at a costume party with friends, where we watched the hometown team of one of my guests win the world series. My daughter is in college in that city so they were texting all night.
  My "high" or balloon was shot down by a friend who told me (more in tone than in words) that the party couldn't have been that much fun because there were less people than in fewer years.
  Well, I had fun. My guests had fun. The food was really, really good. The music was really good and we could get on the dance floor we wanted. Nobody was offensive. Nobody was overly drunk or unseemly. (I must be getting old by the way, that I notice and/or comment on such things)
   I am not a 'verbally' confrontative person (unless it has to do with one of my kids---then WATCH OUT). When we were in high school, or at least where I went to high school, we wrote notes to one another. Sometimes really long ones. We passed them in the hall in the morning or at lunch or whenever. We vented then. Maybe that's why I'm good at writing. But verbally? No. not me. I'm an emotional person, and when face to face, my emotions get in the way of coherency.  SO I vented on Facebook, BUT, I kept it anonymous.  The only comment made were by people from my hometown and perhaps 1 or 2 people around here.  Then the bully campaign began, so I removed the post as I was told I was humiliating someone. I NEVER named names, but I was being a bully. Forget freedom of speech or freedom of the press or anything like that.
    When the word Humiliation was used, I was reminded of Cinderella and the glass slipper.  you know the old saying " if the shoe fits, wear it",? How can one feel humiliated unless one recognizes oneself?
Do you think people realize what they say, and they KNOW instinctively who they think they can get away with it with?
     I wonder if, like a pheremone, I give off some kind of odor that encourages dumping on me. Its ok for people to say whatever they want, but since writing is my only way of being heard for defense, for being actually heard, I'm NOT supposed to defend.  Somehow I think this is wrong.
    I think I'll keep writing.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I am totally starting to understand why  every year it gets easier to ORDER more of the food for the Jewish holidays. It's not that I don't like to cook,  I LOVE to cook. I LOVE when some thing that I have created tastes delicious. I LOVE when my husband and children come in the door and ay that something smells really good.
BUT, today I was faced with a VERY real truth.  I am getting OLD, and MY EYES are going.  TWICE I MIS-READ measurements and had to start over. Maybe I need to wear my reading glasses more. Maybe I need more sleep (definitely need more sleep), maybe its from medication.  All I know, is that simple dishes and breads and cakes that used to take 10 minutes to assemble now take an hour. MAYBE its my children or other family BBMING - texting me to ask/tell me their latest crises because NO ONE JUST CALLS ANYMORE.   Who knows.
MAYBE its having to think about haircuts and carpools and tutors, and tests, and homework WHILE I'm reading the measurements and getting the texts.
MAYBE its the door bell ringing and the dog barking while i'm thinking and cooking and measuring etc.
I don't know, but I gotta go pick up from school and rush back to take a cake out before we go for a haircut and then I GET TO shower and finish cooking before temple.
Have an easy Fast everyone.
For those of you who don't celebrate/observe, hug your mother even when you find raisins in your chicken soup and carrots in your dessert.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

support Group leader--me?

CCFA called and wanted to know if I would come to fill in as one of the support group leaders this week. Now, this is a position I held for about 3 years, and I was fairly religious about going.  Then I had my craniotomy, and it became more and more difficult to go out on week nights, and be supportive of people just starting out in the world of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn's has almost always been a part of my life, so to me, they are just chronic illnesses that have to be dealt with.
HOWEVER, my head hurting all the time is a different story to me.  when i stepped down as a leader, i explained that it was not that i didn't want to be supportive, I just could commit to always being somewhere and having people depend on me, because when my head starts to hurt---which it does often and intensely, I can't be supportive of others. That's just how it is.
I would rather have a stomach ache than headache. Not everyone would say that, but I have mastered digestive issues. I spent years driving my kids to school or playing golf or running errands, knowing where the nearest bathroom was, wearing pads or depends, or not eating purposely before going out. Did you know codeine slows your system? I would take a codeine before going to a party or bar mitzvah and purposely not eat so that I could have fun.
I don't drink anymore. and I LOVE WINE. But a headache isn't worth it. so I take an adavan or xanax in the car on the way out and I am relaxed as you will be with your drink, with a lot less calories!
anyway, I've had a pretty HORRIBLE headache this week, and been VERY dizzy, so I'm not going to be supportive of anyone but ME, and MY KIDS, and HUSBAND.
But you have a good week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Should I ALWAYS be positive?

It's been a long time since I've written anything. Not because I had nothing to say, but perhaps because I had too much. Reading through my posts, and the statistics on who reads them, the decision of whether to always be 'uplifting' and 'positive' or would allowing my 'self-pity musings' to flow through be beneficial to others, or just cathartic. So I've decided it's a bit of both, and if someone doesn't want to read -----click off!
I've had a headache since we were in Jackson Hole! The neurologist said places with that kind of altitude are not great for headache sufferers. You know what I think? The amount of fun and laughter and memories that I shared with my husband and children made it worth it. And I'd do it again. I didn't give up living when they took out my colon, and I'm not going to now. Yes, I have to take extra drugs, and rest more than others, but we laughed, and had lots of fun!
I also took my daughter back to college and set up her room. Many questioned WHY I NEEDED to do such a thing. The answer is very simple; it made her happy. It was comforting to her to have her dad and I BOTH go and fix and move and put things together 'just so'. Her room required creativity to make it feel special, and that is my specialty ;). Once you are the mom, that's your job for life!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family time is imorant, no matter how old

I have always been a big proponent of making time at the end of the summer  for my husband and my two kids and I to spend a few days alone together before the hustle and bustle of school began. Evan when my daughte waas skating competitvely and this was frowned upon as she had just been away at camp, I always reasoned that a long weekend wouldn't make or break her.
We had years of  playing on the beach, the 4 of us, building sand castles, or wathiching my son and my husband killing thimselves learning how to skimboard (OOOOO YOU Need TO WAX THE BOTTOM????), we had a year when it raind and the 4 of us sat of the floor of a rented beach front room playing rummycube and eating pretzels.
4-5 days, or 2-3. It really doesn't matter.  this alone time, most of it, were meals and days WITHOUT cell phones we decided, were enough to remind us of the fact that we are a family first, and then whatever to whomever.  We have always had a speciaal bond. My kids (no longer children) have always had a good relationship. This time away alone, just reminds them of who they are, without all the distractions of the outside world.  Even if someone can't afford to "go away", which we reallly couldn't for a long time, a weekend at any hotel nearby with an on site swimming pool and restaurant would do for a night or two.  Before schhool, and teams, and friends, and pressure. It's a good time to remind your high school kids of the fact that you LOVE THEM and THEY CAN CALL YOU NO MATTER WHAT.  Your college kids can be reminded of this too!
Your kids are only single and YOURS for a very short time. TAKE ADVANTAGE. you will remember this and so will they.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

squeeze bottle ketchup invented by woman

I have come to the conclusion that squeeze bottle ketchups were invented by women. My trainer, who is a guy, didn't get this thought process.  My Physical therapist, who is a man, did not follow this thought process.  My yoga instructor, a woman, TOTALLY understood.
Think about it ladies, and men who are married to ladies, or who have mothers and grandmother who are "north of 40". Think about the first time you were out in public and you needed to pour ketchup out of the bottle for yourself or your child etc, and YOU FELT THE LOWER PART OF YOUR UPPER ARM  the part that USED TO BE a tricep SWING BACK AND FORTH.  You could almost HEAR it making a loud LOOK AT ME noise like Jan and her boyfriend running to each other in slow motion on The Brady Bunch.  Everyone could SEE!!!!! SO either, you would NEVER be able to eat french fries with ketchup in public again, OR, an alternative needed to be found.
VOILA!!!!!! the Squeeze bottle was born!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sadness and Depression 2 separate things

I had a conversation today with someone who stated that she thought she might be depressed, but felt guilty because she has 'no reason' to be. She lives in a nice home, has no financial worries, she's healthy and her children are healthy. Yet, she has many days when she does not feel like getting out of bed, or doing anything and was confused.
I explained, there is a difference between feeling sad, and being depressed.  She might not have a reason to 'be sad', but 'depression' is a chemical imbalance, and cannot always be helped, or recognized, and very often runs in families.
If you find that you are no longer interested in your normal activities, or don't want to wake up, or just want to sleep all day---and don't feel like there is a specific "reason" to be this way, --perhaps you should go and speak with someone and give your self a break.  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness--it is just the opposite.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well, it was great! Perseverance pays off! I will continue to believe that while positive thinking might not totally CURE you of serious ailments, A GREAT ATTITUDE, and a DESIRE to LIVE A FULL LIFE will. It helps that I have the support of an amazing husband and friends, and unbelievable children. But truly, the ONLY ONE who can make your life YOU.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

According to Allison: perserverence

According to Allison: perserverence: "I am going into the city tonight to stay in a chic hotel with my husband. We planned this at the beginning of the summer when one of those ..."


I am going into the city tonight to stay in a chic hotel with my husband.  We planned this at the beginning of the summer when one of those discount sights online was selling nights at this hotel at major discounted rates.  He suggested it, which he often does, one of the many things I love.  Like a mini vacation within our funky city in an area that is a lot of fun no matter what time of day.
Of course, I have been dealing with a significantly painful ovarian cyst all week.  I figured, no problem, I'll take some pain meds, and besides, after a few more days in my cycle its GOT to get better, right? (even though the Dr.s are talking about surgery and the thought of my 10th laporoscopic procedure on my belly does not a happy girl make). Anyway, me, being me, I pay as little attention to pain as possible.  Last night at dinner, My hubby mentioned it might be fun to go to a club tonight too (even though it is the middle of the summer and the crowd will be, um, different then it would be otherwise and let's face facts--we are not in our 20s). I sent a text to a high school friend who I've re=connected with in a mutually nice way, who I guess you can say 'knows people". Low and behold we are going to a club tonight. I get to feel like the big MACHA,and hubby gets to pay the bill ;).
Well, I woke up with fierce migraine.  Of course.  What else is new. It would seem for most of my life, whenever I have had fun things planned, I haven't felt well. HOWEVER, it doesn't stop me. As I used to tell the women in the CCFA support group I led, if you can figure out a way to live with the pain, to function thru the  pain, so that you have short bursts of happiness, then do it. It MAY be that I will take a nap in between dinner and the club--I'm getting old! OR, I might not have to! I probably will bring LOTS of meds to help me feel better in the wee hours into tomorrow and all day tomorrow. BUT, what I AM NOT WILLING to do, IS TO SIT AROUND COMPLAINING  WOE IS ME.
LIFE IS FOR LIVING.  I might have to do it more slowly than other women my age. I might have to do it with more medication, or more alternative thinking and methods than women my age, but I will do it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some quotes on family

G-d could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers........a Jewish proverb.

Family isn't about whose blood you have. It's about who you care about....Trey Parker and Pat Stone

One of the Greatest things a father can do for his children is to love their mother....Howard Hunter.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I've been thinking about family a lot for the past few days. Maybe this is because my kids are both away and I have extra time. Or maybe it's because my kids are getting older and my time of 'being their universe' is slowly coming to an end. Who knows, maybe it's hormonal ;). Whatever the case I find it interesting and comforting to know that I am NOT the only one, male or female, who feels this way.
While out for dinner with friends the other night the subject of me being a bit sad about the changes and directions that certain family relationships have undergone. I should not be surprised by this change-----I happen to come from a particularly dysfunctional background (probably why I am venting to strangers).
Nevertheless, I was surprised to hear that other people who may or may not have messed up or 'latch-key' childhoods were finally letting go of the pretense that they did. They too had family members that were estranged.
I have learned that FRIENDS ARE THE FAMILY YOU CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF. I have a sister-in-law who is like my little sister. This didn't happen overnight but it happened. I have an EX sister-in-law who I only speak to about once every 6 months, but our children are related and share a bloodline and we are 2 intelligent women who wish each other well . I have wonderful fabulous friends who I wouldn't trade for the world! These are my family. I chose them. I 'picked them for my team'.
Everyone should feel like they are on a winning team.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

finding happiness and peace, and managing pain

Any alternative to taking pain meds---of which I've taken ALL!!!!!!!--EXCEPT POT which NY refuses to legalize medicinally even though it would PROBABLY help the economy TREMENDOUSLY, is welcome in my book.  Anyone who says they don't hae time to meditate, must be dirty and smelly and sleep deprived because, it CAN be done ANYWHERE!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Item for CCFA People!!!!

Alright, so here is the truth, when I first started out to write this blog, my intention was to not only be witty and sarcastic (my general outlook I guess), but to also be helpful---especially to those who suffer from Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. I am not a Dr., but I have suffered for most of my adult life--most of my teens too. I have been on more medications than I can count, EXCEPT for Remicade, Humira,  and Cimzia, and the newest Mesalamines.
  11 years ago, when I was 34, my colon was completely removed. Yup, the whole thing. I was "lucky" (I say that lightly), because I didn't need an "ostomy bag". My whole procedure was done in one step and I was given a J-Pouch.  I have since had 8-9 follow up surgeries, mostly dealing with scar tissue and blockages, but for the most part I've slowly gotten healthier.
  I still, however, deal with occasional "bathroom issues".  I also have a daughter with Ulcerative Colitis and my mom has Crohn's.  Imagine how happy I was today to come across a product while standing at Greenvale Pharmacy, called "Poopsie Daisy". This product is meant to be sprayed into the toilet PRIOR to having a bowel movement to dispel the smell. (if you are blushing, this blog is not for you--I've had this disease and my family has had this disease forever. Everyone on the North shore of Long Island calls me when their kids have poop and/or tummy trouble--that's just the way it is).
  Anyway--what a great product to carry with you, or put in your guest bathrooms, or office bathrooms. THE WILD TULIP in Roslyn used to carry a similar item called POOPOURIE, But once they closed so did access to this product.  That's why I'm so excited by this.
  People who do not have this disease may not be aware how often people with IBD (IRRITABLE BOWEL DISEASE) absolutely DREAD having to go to the bathroom in a public place or, Gd forbid, in someones house. This, hopefully, will help!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I really love this group! Way to go PhaseONE COMMUNICATIONS!!!!!!
Good Catch!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

black and Jewish--Boys from the South Shore--you watching? geat song!!! about time Jews get a return song! well done ladies!!!!!!
Boys from the South Shore--you watching?

Monday, July 18, 2011

jet lag stinks

Jet Lag stinks. I don't know how people travel all the time. My hubby travels all the time. Maybe that's why he's always so agreeable--he's too tired to argue!!!


I don't know if I'm going yet, but I was just talking to a friend about whether or not Aretha is starting to perform again. She is going to be at Jones Beach July 27th!!!!! How cool is that!!!!!!!
Way to go to the ORIGINAL DIVA!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Miss me?

So did you miss me?
Quite frankly, I've been a bit afraid to blog. Why? Because this posh hotel that I like to come and stay and pretend I'm somebody special in, has been catering this week to the Madrid soccer team, and apparently some Persian Prince or something. There is security and whatnwould look like secret service EVERYWHERE!
Normally we stay in the main building. This year when we booked, we were told that they would be full and we would have to stay in a side building/bungalow. We didn't mind-it just lessened our motivation to go to the gym in the main building every morning! Oh well, so much for dieting all summer.
What really upset me, was last night when I was leaving for dinner and I passed two of the security henchmen and heard one say into his curly earpiece "yes the place was swept clean and all appears fine".

Would this bother you? On the one Hand
yay, I guess I was 'safe'. On the other, 'from what?', 'From whom?'? For some reason, I think as a repeated guest I should somehow have been 'warned'? AsaNew Yorker, I feel as though the president and all of UN members are staying here and they forgot to mention it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cute guy biting and spitting nail in restaurant

So I'm sitting at a restaurant poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I turn around ton see this really cute guy bite his nail and purposely spit it onto the floor.
Then he proceeds to talk loudly on his phone with food in his mouth!

plastic surgery NY vs LA

Sitting in Beverly Hills my second day trying to decide if OBVIOUS plastic surgery is getting more prevalent, more accepted, or people just don't care. When it's bad we say whoa! When its good we say "she wasn't born that way!!!" What do their spouses say?????

Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm sitting on an airplane watching a movie and eating ice cream. I rode an elevator with Vanessa Redgrave and her daughtr, the one from "Nip Tuck". Just the beginning of. My adventure.
While sitting and reading O Magazine, I read an interview with Maya Moore,the U.
Conn first draft pick to the WNBA and I started to think about how unfair it is for the woman who play college ball--especially college basketball. While yes, they do get careers in the end, but hardly the careers that their male counterparts get with the salaries in the NBA. Where are their HUGE endorsements? YOUR THOUGHTS?????

Growing up as a grown up

I guess today, I will officially become "independent".  Women who have been working and traveling full time for years, might not understand this. but for those of us lowly house wives, traveling by ourselves: airplane, hotel, meals, EVERYTHING, it is!
For instance, my husband suggested that I might want to get room service tonight.  WHY? If a man can go into a bar/restaurant and sit at a bar or table and order a drink or meal and feel comfortable, why can't a woman? I'll definitely be wearing my wedding ring (which definitely shows :) ).  When I made my dinner reservation for one, I was specific--I will be in a hotel that is great for people watching. When the Hostess asked if I preferred inside or out I said I didn't care, as long as I could do a lot of people watching. (honestly is very often the best policy).
It's not that I haven't flown alone before--I have, many times! In fact--I conquered flying to Europe alone just this past year! NOW, I'll conquer flying, plus 2 hotel nights alone.  I think every woman, if given the chance, should do this; to see what it is like to be free spirited in the world, only thinking about yourself.
I'll keep you posted!
 Ta Ta for now!
I have to pack.
For one!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


check out this interview with Adele. Nice to see female singers break the "DIVA" mold and just sing from their heart!Susan Hornik


I can't believe I'm sitting here waiting for my friends' eldest son's wedding. I'm in Sayville---I've never been here! Very pretty!!! I guess I'm officially old huh?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

stretching out taking your makeup off :)

I think having the computer downstairs and checking for camp pictures and Facebook messages has taken the place of taking a long time to take your make up off. Huh girls?

Packing made easier.....Lisse Leggings

The older I've gotten, the wiser I've gotten. Packing has gotten much easier. All you really need is a pair of  well fitting jeans, a few little dresses and/or cute tops, and OF COURSE, LISSE LEGGINGS.
These leggings are not the kind you go to the gym or play group in (well, you can go to play group in them  if you are with mothers that are the type to look you up and down and you really shouldn't be there any way but you'll look FAB in these leggings).
Lisse Leggings (Lisse means smooth in French), hide the 'muffin top' and help to make every outfit you can imagine look amazing.  During the summer months, and on vacation, I like to wear the black or white cropped with the scalloped edges, with a Lisse tank top (yes they make them too!) in the same color, a sheer top (since my shape looks so good underneath!), a pair of wedges and I'm good to go!
Check out the Lisse Leggings website at or  they can be found at Nordstroms, Henri Bendel, and MANY fabulous boutiques across the country!
I can't wait for the new fall line!

Packing made easier.....Lisse Leggings

The older I've gotten, the wiser I've gotten. Packing has gotten much easier. All you really need is a pair of  well fitting jeans, a few little dresses and/or cute tops, and OF COURSE, LISSE LEGGINGS.
These leggings are not the kind you go to the gym or play group in (well, you can go to play group in them  if you are with mothers that are the type to look you up and down and you really shouldn't be there any way but you'll look FAB in these leggings).
Lisse Leggings (Lisse means smooth in French), hide the 'muffin top' and help to make every outfit you can imagine look amazing.  During the summer months, and on vacation, I like to wear the black or white cropped with the scalloped edges, with a Lisse tank top (yes they make them too!) in the same color, a sheer top (since my shape looks so good underneath!), a pair of wedges and I'm good to go!
Check out the Lisse Leggings website at or  they can be found at Nordstroms, Henri Bendel, and MANY fabulous boutiques across the country!
I can't wait for the new fall line!

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's about time!!!!
You think ALL parents will report missing children?

No Fears At Beth Shalom

For SOME INEXPLICABLE REASON, a parent of a child at Camp Beth Shalom, decided it would be a good idea to post ON SHABBAT on Facebook, that there was an unidentified person on the campgrounds today. Hmmm. This wouldn't start a weekend panic would it? Hmmmm, what if there is no proof or the parent is just angry about something? Perhaps the parent doesn't like a counselor, or 'mini-group'.
What if is is true? IS  Facebook the best way to handle it? Would calling the directors be a better method? would questioning camp personnel be a good idea?
I have it from a reliable source that all is well in day camp world, so everyone can rest easy tonight and have a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Barking Babies

So sad :( I found out today that Pet Pantry is closing. We ALL went to Seth for advice on how to train and care for our puppies! We will DEFINITELY miss he and everyone who worked there! We'll miss Tank too!!!  LUCKY for us that  "BARKING BABIES" is SOON OPENING on LONG ISLAND!!!!!! YAAAAY!  The AMAZING guys, formerly of Raising Rover, on Lexington Avenue, are moving--and WE WILL BENEFIT! More info to come!

CHeck out this sale!

Hey gals (guys if you want to buy presents!)--check out clothingline's new cover-up and bathing suit sale featuring Melissa Odabash. Pretty nice! I would LOVE to buy the bikinis for myself---but since I have a 19 year old daughter and my policy (and body), say not to compete, I'm gonna get coverups! Check them out at for more details!

Monday, July 4, 2011

mother-in-law to be's letter that went viral.

Ok, so while I don't disagree with most of what she said,  the fact that she wrote the letter rather than speaking with her son, or speaking nicely with the girl, makes HER the B***h. When she refers to her family in the third person, that just takes the cake!

my first post!

Happy 4th of July! This is MY INDEPENDENCE  DAY!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY have a blog!!! Those of you who asked for this, you might be sorry!!!!